About me

I was born in Mexico City. I studied Physics at the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM. I was very interested in math and astronomy. I decided to do my thesis on Historical Tunings, a subject in which you can combine music theory, physics of sound waves and math. After this I studied a three years Preparation at the Faculty of Music, UNAM. I played in ensembles of several genres as latin rock, tango and circus music.

I also studied a Master in Music Technology and started teaching Acoustics courses for musicians. I translated fragments of some specialized texts for my students and I became very interested in translation. I noticed how important it is that there are more specialized texts in Spanish and I decided to study the Programme of Translation of Specialized Texts at UNAM. I completely fell in love with translation. Understanding the language of science from the point of view of translation was enlightening.

Today I can use everything I know about Science, Math and Music to translate correctly texts of related areas in English. I can also help other people to make their message clear and well-written according to the relevant norms. I have translated academic texts, techical manuals and reports, texts for museums and for live presentations.